Dear Sandra,

Hello, this is Kazu. I came back to Japan safely and resumed my work from Today. Now, I'm confident of my English. Thank you very much for your effective and interesting lessons.

Here is the reference, as you said. I'm sorry for my delay in sending it to you. Please use information freely. I hope your business will be good.



I work for an international consulting firm in Japan, and use English in my work. I took her lessons for 4months and improved my Engish skills dramatically. Now, I don't feel any stress on using English. I strongly recommend that you take her lessons if you really want to improve your English. There are three reasons for that.

(1) Strategy
She has her own strategies to improve English skills. Especially, her pronunciation method is excellent. Different from many ESL teachers, she not only repeats the right pronunciation but also teaches it's mechanism such as the shape of the mouth and the position of the tongue. Likewise, regarding fluency and vocabulary, she has her own strategies to learn them.

(2) Responsibility
She is a professional teacher and responsible for improvement of her students. She always tries to understand the status of them and thinks about how to solve them effectively. Because of that, she isstrict and corrects mistakes very carefully. You may think that she is too strict, but you can understand that her attitude means that she is responsible for her task.

(3) Friendly
She is a very friendly and interesting person. She has many kinds of knowledge about politics, media, religion, music, and so on. In addition, even though she is very strict, she is always friendly with her students. I guarantee that you enjoy your time talking with her.