Dear Sandra,

I would like to take your lesson. I have taken some private lessons from several tutors before, I couldnt meet a professional one. I am going to Toronto in March but I can stay in Toronto only 1 week or so. I know it is very short to study English, however, as I said, I would like to study English with you because I have heard of your high reputation from some people. My friends have been Toronto to study English or for working-holiday...They talked about you. I am not sure one of them have taken your lesson though, some of other my acuaintances say that you are a very good tutor. I heard you were very professional and good at fixing pronunciation. I have been trying to fix my Japanese pronunacoiation as much as I can..Therefore, I have taken some tutoring from netive English teachers, however,didnt work. They are good teachers too, however, just dpnt know how to fix pronunciation. they helped my conversation a lot though... I still have strong Japanese accent and my English sounds just like noise. I need the one who are good at fixing pronunciation.

Unfortunately, I will stay in toronto shourtly, I really would love to take your lesson...I naver meet the best tutor in my life so far and I really would like to improve my English. I have been study English for long, however, I havent improve my pronunciation by myself and I need the best tutor for my wish.
sorry for my English, like I said many times, I would like to study pronunciation with you.

Hope to hear from you soon,