Hello and welcome.
I would like to welcome you to The Best English Tutor Pronunciation Academy.  Are you tired of studying English for many years and still getting confused about the difference between R and L?

I can guarantee your success with R and L as well as all other English pronunciation and intonation.  We also work on conversation skills, idioms, slang, collocations, new vocabulary, etc

I am a Professional English Tutor with a University Degree in Broadcasting and TESL certification with 10 years experience. I specialize in pronunciation for Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Russian, Iranian, Spanish, and Chinese students studying English.  I have over 600 happy clients...students who have studied with me...and are satisfied with the results. 

The classes are private or consist of small groups, depending on what you prefer.  The class is 50% pronunciation and 50% conversation.

I am conveniently located in downtown Toronto.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Please check what former students say about the class:
Mie and Toshi.
Enjoy Toronto!

-New Vocabulary
-Slang / Idioms
-Job Interview preparation
-Role Playing
-Business English

1) Mie (Japanese Only)
2) Toshi (Japanese Only)
3) Atsushi
4) Kazu
5) Tomomi
6) Maki


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